March 31, 2017
29 days since
the event.
The 2017 Funathon -- to be held on campus Friday, March 31 -- will give Westbury Christian students plenty of fun opportunities to "Regenerate" their enthusiasm for the remaining weeks of the spring semester.

This year, we're staying inside for some black-light-energized activities -- with the students in special "Regenerate" T-shirts featuring glow-in-the-dark elements -- in the McCloy Gym. There will be a neon-accented obstacle course and physical fitness and line dances -- set to upbeat music and led by Coach Ballard -- both morning (K3-4th grade) and afternoon (5th-12th grade).

As always, this year's Funathon will be an event neither you nor your student(s) will want to miss. Come bask in the "glow" for yourself by volunteering in the morning and/or afternoon on 
March 31. We always need help encouraging the students and making the celebratory atmosphere really special.

We also need your help -- and the help of your student's extended family and friends -- to make the Funathon a successful fundraiser for WCS.
We hope to raise $40,000 this year for interactive projectors that will benefit students of all ages. This is a great opportunity to share with your family and friends why WCS is such a wonderful place, and to encourage them to invest in the future of your student(s), as well as Kingdom education in general.

To sponsor a student(s) and/or faculty/staff member(s): Click “Donate to Participant” above right and follow the instructions OR send a check – with the student(s)/teacher(s) you are sponsoring noted on the Memo line – made out to Westbury Christian School, 10420 Hillcroft, Houston, TX 77096. As always, donations to WCS are tax-deductible.
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